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Grooming Services in San Antonio

Finding a pet groomer that has love and compassion for animals and knows how to groom them so they look their best can be a difficult thing. Ellison Drive Animal Hospital and its team understand this, which is why all of our staff treats each pet as if they were their own. Our love and dedication has also been what has led to us serve the San Antonio, TX area for over 20 years providing pet grooming and medical services.  
Unfortunately, grooming is not as simple as brushing a dog down or clipping a cats nails. A good groomer must know how to clip different breeds, recognize behaviors, identify any sort of conditions or disorders, and most importantly be a calming presence for the animals. This is something all of our staff are very experienced at, and it creates a low stress environment to make the experience easy and fun for your pet.
Ellison Drive Pet Grooming San Antonio, TX

Pet Grooming – Why Do You Need It?

Taking your pet to get groomed goes much further than keeping them looking nice. A well-groomed coat for example, allows for optimal fur growth as well as skin health. Not only does brushing keep fur and skin healthy, but it brings shedding under a little bit of control, and can allow the groomer to detect lumps, bumps, or other signs of concern earlier than normal. Clipping the nails on your pet frequently can also help them not get snagged on carpets, scratch floors, or break them by accident. At the end of the day, a well-groomed pet simply feels better so, whether you decide to groom them yourself, or bring them to a professional, be sure to keep up on the needs of your furry friend!

Why Choose Ellison Drive Animal Hospital?

Ellison Drive Animal Hospital has provided veterinarian and grooming services to pets in the San Antonio area for over 20 years. Our staff are all highly trained and qualified to deal with animals, and perhaps more importantly all share a passion for the care and well being of our furry friends. We work hard to ensure that our facility maintains the utmost level of cleanliness, and always prioritize making pets and owners alike feel as comfortable as possible.

Two Convenient San Antonio Locations

Located on Ellison Drive in San Antonio for your convenience. Give us a call or stop by for vet appointments, grooming, boarding or any other pet need!

1424 S. Ellison Drive, Suite 100
San Antonio, TX 78245
Our second location on Potranco Road in San Antonio. If you are in the area give us a call and we will see to any pet-related needs you may have!

10839 Potranco Road
San Antonio, TX 78251
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