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Providing Pet Grooming, Boarding & More 
in San Antonio, TX

We understand how exhausting it can be to find a reliable dog or cat groomer. It can be very difficult to find a pet groomer that listens to your requests and understands your pet's individual grooming needs.Ellison Drive Animal Hospital has been serving the San Antonio, TX region for over 20 years and is staffed with dedicated animal lovers that will treat your pet like their own. We strive to provide a low-stress comfortable environment for your pet.  

Ellison Drive Animal Hospital offers a wide range of procedures and surgeries to maintain and improve the health of your beloved pets. Whether your cat begins losing patches of hair or you want to protect your dog from irritating fleas and ticks, we’re here to help. Our doctors are experienced and are able to quickly identify any issues or illnesses your pet might be experiencing. We’re thrilled to see our returning patients and are always happy to meet new ones. For your pet’s next veterinary visit, call us today.
Pet Grooming San Antonio, TX

We're a Veterinarian Hospital
Devoted to Your Pets

When you choose Ellison Drive Animal Hospital for your pet’s wellness needs, you’re choosing fast diagnoses, gentle care and expert advice on the unique health of your animal.

If you have further inquiries about our available services including pet boarding, please reach out to our friendly staff, who will help you with any questions or concerns.

Learn more about the services we offer below!

Ellison Drive Animal Hospital Makes Sure Your Pet Gets the Best Care

Our veterinary hospital employs the latest technologies to ensure your pet receives a fast and accurate diagnosis. If your pet requires anesthesia for a surgical procedure, they are always connected to a monitoring system to ensure their safety. We also use digital radiology to limit the amount of radiation exposure to your pet and provide a high quality image for quick diagnosis. With this option a Dicom system allows us to communicate with other radiologist computers transferring your pet’s images in a secure and fast manner. We also have an in-house blood lab for faster and more accurate diagnosis. 

For advanced orthopedic healing, arthritis and swelling, we use precise laser therapy.
Vaccines are crucial to helping keep your pet healthy, We provide all core vaccines and more for dogs, cats, and other pets.
Blood work
Blood work can help determine causes of sickness, strange behavior, level of hydration and other odd symptoms your pet may be displaying.
Don’t leave your pet home alone! We offer premier boarding services for clients in the San Antonio area.
Grooming (only at our Ellison location)
Keep your pet looking and feeling healthy with our professional grooming services!
Emergency services
If your pet is injured or sick and requires emergency care, our trained team is on call and willing to help.
Spaying and neutering helps prevent a number of diseases (including cancerous tumors) in your pet.
Dental services
Just like people, your pet needs proper dental care. Get in touch to learn more about our dental services!
Routine surgery
Routine surgeries include procedures like spaying and neutering, and are performed by highly-trained and caring professionals.
Orthopedic surgery
Orthopedic surgery deals with issues including fractures, breaks, misalignment and more.
Routine checkups
Routine checkups are important for maintaining the health of your pet, as well as identifying potential problems that could manifest down the line. 
Laser therapy
Laser therapy is used to help treat conditions like arthritis, and promote the healing of minor injuries.
Digital radiology
Digital radiology allows our staff to conduct a thorough internal diagnosis of your pet, and determine causes of illness or odd symptoms in a safe and effective manner.

Why Choose Ellison Drive Animal Hospital

Ellison Drive Animal Hospital has been serving the San Antonio area for over 20 years. Our dedicated staff are not just pet care specialists, but animal lovers themselves. Whether you are coming for our grooming, boarding, or veterinarian services, our staff always perform their jobs with care and the utmost level of professionalism. Our groomers are careful, diligent, and know how to handle pets to make them as comfortable and relaxed as possible. When you decide to board your pet with us, we will make it feel at home with a host of delicious food, toys, and comfortable sleeping spaces. Finally, if your pet is sick, the medical professionals at our animal clinic will diagnose, treat, and take care of it as if it was their own. For more information on our respective services, give us a call or stop by one of our two locations today!
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